Rocket Fueled Process

Rocket Fueled Process

Advanced Lean Product Development
for Software Startups



Chapter 1: Product 101
  • The Beauty of Deconstruction
  • User Centered Design 13
  • The Declaration
Rocket Fueled Process - Product Serendipity
Chapter 2: Reality & Constraints
  • Traditional Models of Product Development
  • What is the Reality of Building Software?
  • Mastery & Unrealistic Behavior
  • Prioritize The Real Value We Are Creating: ROI Reality
  • The Beauty of Constraints
Rocket Fueled Process - Waterfall Process
Chapter 3: Intro to Lean
  • What is Lean?
  • Lean Startups and the Democratization of Learning
  • Concept to Iteration
Rocket Fueled Process - Lean TPS
Chapter 4: Total Cost of Ownership
  • Understanding Total Cost of Ownership - Lifecycle Economics
  • Understanding The Impact of Debt
  • Debt In Code
  • Debt In Culture
  • Debt In Process
  • Debt In People
Rocket Fueled Process - Cost of Incorrect Assumptions
Chapter 5: Batch Size & Work In Process
  • Understanding Batch Sizes and Risk
  • Implementing Work in Process Constraints
  • Eliminating Unecessary Work In Process (WIP)
  • Synchronicity Is Essential
  • Synchronize Small Batches Around Common Goals
Rocket Fueled Process - Risk, Batch Size & Work In Process
Chapter 6: Tools & Methodologies
  • Tools are just artifacts of our foundation
  • Overview of some popular dev methodologies for startups
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Step 1: Planning Meeting
  • Index Cards
  • Step 2: The Sprint, also called the Cycle or Work Iteration
  • Step 3: The Daily Standup
  • Step 4: Retrospective
  • Kanban
Chapter 7: The Simple Team Principle
  • The Simple Team Principle
  • 1. Simple Scope Agreement
  • 2. Simple Build Agreement
  • 3. Simple Validation Agreement
  • We Have Completed One Iteration
Rocket Fueled Process - Simple Team Principle
Chapter 8: Structuring Teams for Success
  • Building Ethical Systems
  • Team Structure
Rocket Fueled Process - Employee Wellness
Chapter 9: Sketches, Whiteboards & Wireframes
  • Do It Like Picasso
Rocket Fueled Process - Idea Development Pyramid
Chapter 10: Financial Modeling
Chapter 11: Key Metrics & Success Measurement
  • Metrics and Validation Analyisis
  • Team Measurement
  • Micro Experiment Testing & Optimization
Rocket Fueled Process - Teamwork Wins
Chapter 12: What Makes A Great Dev Team
  • Product Managers
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Hiring Personalities
Rocket Fueled Process - Senior Engineers vs Hackers
Chapter 13: Go Make A Customer Happy, Tommorrow
Chapter 14: Random Musings
  • Good companies are always in Beta
  • Advice for Small Startup Teams
  • Advice for Small Teams in Large Organizations
  • Advice for Product Managers Advice for Engineers
  • About the Author

About the Author

William Belk

William Belk's core focus centers around operational incubation, Lean process improvement, product design/strategy, user experience and complex data problems. With over a decade of early stage startup experience, William has served in roles ranging from founder, investor, first-employee, mentor, community organizer, strategist and advisor.



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All illustrations by Dave Savage